What do we mean by Javascript frameworks?

As the name suggests, JavaScript frameworks are applications written in JavaScript that provide developers with a collection of code libraries to build websites and web applications.

Why are they so important?

If this could be summed up in two words, they would be ‘speed’ and ‘efficiency.’ JavaScript frameworks provide developers with pre-written code to perform routine programming tasks. This improves the speed tremendously and reduces effort. As for efficiency, lesser lines of code are required to achieve the objective. Beginners can rely on them for faster execution while experts can write their own JavaScript frameworks. Their credibility too can be vouched for since the community backing these JavaScript frameworks is highly adept at the programming language. 

How can business enterprises benefit from them?

Single-page applications (SPAs) have gained immense popularity even in the business world when dealing with other clients, showcasing products or merchandising since they solve the purpose but are much easier to deploy. JavaScript frameworks are the best option out there to build these SPAs. 

What JavaScript frameworks are used at Successive?

Meteor:  Meteor is a free, open-source and complete platform for rapid building of JavaScript web and mobile applications. 

Angular:  Managed by the Angular team at Google, AngularJS is an efficient JavaScript model-view-whatever framework used extensively in single-page application (SPA) projects.

D3:  D3 is a JavaScript library for producing data visualizations in web browsers with HTML, SVG and CSS.

React:  React is a front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook to build interactive user interfaces for single-page or mobile applications.

Three:  Three is a cross-browser framework that uses WebGL to build animated 3D graphics.

Ember:  Ember is an open-source model-view-viewmodel web framework that allows developers to build dynamic, scalable SPAs and complex frontend applications quickly.

Knockout:  Knockout is a standalone JavaScript implementation that allows developers to build rich, responsive and desktop-like user interfaces with JavaScript and HTML.

Using JavaScript frameworks at Successive

Successive is an expert at JavaScript frameworks like Meteor, Angular, D3, React, Three, Ember and Knockout. Our JavaScript developers are highly skilled, go out of their way to understand the client’s needs through regular communication, build appropriate solutions and also maintain complete transparency in their work. Our process is simple - we have quality discussions with our clients, study market trends, strategies, execute using latest technologies and finally, deliver within the stipulated time-frame. We have built over 200 single-page applications using JS frameworks and our track-record has been exemplary.