We have experience with many databases - below describes some the the databases we work with.


Whether you are a CNESM, Web developer, or a dedicated network administrator having a keen interest for building database applications, MySQL offers ease of use, yet exceptionally powerful, scalable and secure. Due to its small size and high speed, MySQL is the perfect database choice for websites.

Flexibility and Scalability
Flexibility is a resolute feature of MySQL with flavors of UNIX, Windows and Linux being supported.

High Performance
The exclusive storage-engine architecture enables database professionals in configuring the MySQL database server explicitly for specific applications for amazing performance.

High Availability
Constant availability and solid reliability are trademarks of MySQL, with clients trusting MySQL to guarantee round-the-clock uptime.

Mongo DB

MongoDB is a perfect fit for projects with large volumes of data and significant scale-out needs which require extensively high performance with data which is too complex and heterogeneous for involving real-time analytics or modeling into a relational schema.

It could store all types of data: structured, un-structured and polymorphic.

Performance & Scalability
Improved performance with respect to processing and scalability of data.

Load Balancing
automatic movement of data across diverse shards for load balancing.

It allows enterprises to be supple, develop new type of applications, enhance customer experience, fast-track time to market and minimize costs.


Cassandra database is the best choice when you require scalability and proven fault-tolerance on cloud infrastructure or commodity hardware for your mission-critical data.

It is appropriate for applications which cannot afford losing data, even where the complete data center goes down.

There are no network bottlenecks and no single points of failure. Each node is identical in the cluster.

Select between synchronous or asynchronous replication for every update.

Fault Tolerant
Data is spontaneously replicated to several nodes for fault-tolerance. It supports replication across several data centers.


Hadoop is an open-source software platform growing as a best way for handling massive amounts of data. Hadoop could be convenient across range businesses and for a host of use cases. Essentially anywhere you require to process, store and analyze hefty, even huge, amounts of data, it is up for the job.

Easily Scalable
It is an exceptionally scalable platform where new nodes could be added easily into the system.

Fault Tolerant
The replication level is configurable and it makes Hadoop extremely consistent data storage system.

Faster Data Processing
It is exceptionally good at high-volume batch processing due its capability of parallel data processing.

PostgreSQL was also known as Postgres, is an object-relational database management system which is used across most of the platforms such as Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It offers flexibility to trial and research implementation procedure, and assists in creating a profitable business framework.

Save on staffing costs
PostgreSQL has been created and designed for lowering tuning and maintenance requirements while retaining all of the features, performance, and stability.

Reliability and stability
Distinct from many proprietary databases, PostgreSQL are reported to have never been crashed even with a number of years of high activity operation.

Cross platform
It is available for practically every brand of Unix, and Windows compatibility is accessible through the Cygwin framework.

Intended for high volume environments
It is extremely responsive even in high volume environments. Most of the leading proprietary database vendor employs this technology.

Firebase is a platform you must choose when it comes to developing backend for the mobile apps. Firebase is not only a good way for creating new apps but it could also improve your existing app.

Real time Database
Firebase harmonizes data instantly with easy to use API, making it easier for developers in building collaborative and real-time applications.

It is convenient for uploading huge volumes of user-generated content such as images and videos.

Remote Config
It lets you change the way app works and looks and by providing you the ability for updating the code from the cloud.

Firebase Analytics
Firebase unlimited analytics solution helps you in viewing user behavior and also in measuring attribution from a sole dashboard.


One More MVC Framework

Handlebar templates, custom HTML tags, robust routing, model-view-controller architecture, these are some of the features that make Redis a choice of frontend and web app framework for startups and enterprises alike.

Database Management
Web services around Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Neo4j, GraphDB, CouchDB, Cassandra etc.

Complete Web Solutions
Complex website, e-commerce portals, high end social networks, to complex financial systems, we have experience with everything.

Web Design Services
We are know for our inspirational designs and have experience with all design tools like Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, EmberJs etc.

Migration From Legacy Systems
We help organization move their complex legacy solutions to cloud and mobile ready PHP web application solutions.


The Ultimate Microsoft Application Framework

NEO4J is a graph based database that helps develop flexible and innovative applications with a graph-based database. A graph data model is used that answers a wide range of business questions.

Tools and integration
Neo4j can easily integrate with Apache spark, MongoDB, cassandra, docker and elastic {search}

Data import and visualization
Neo4j helps to develop backend with great data export, import and visualization features

Neo4j in production
Neo4j incorporates features like high availability clustering, cloud deployment options, performance tuning.
Migration From Legacy Systems
We help organizations move their complex legacy solutions to cloud and mobile ready solutions.