About Us

Successive Technologies partners with their clients for success.  This is achieved by our technical depth and strength, combined with our focus on customer satisfaction and transparency between our team and the client.

Quality and security are essential to our joint success. We understand and assess project risks; industry standards are part of our process for planning, development, quality control, security and implementation to ensure the quality of the work we deliver and that your intellectual property is secure. We focus on continuous improvement to ensure your product or service is delivered on time and drives growth for your business.

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Value Added Guidance

A Deeper View

From strategy and business consulting to technology and operations, Successive provides comprehensive services across different domains. Our skillful team employs a wide range of resources, global project management tools, methods and standards to deliver excellent targeted domain solutions.  We enrich technology by using data analytics and gain insight into the different solutions and services. A fast-growing young leader in business process management and technology services, Successive leverages the power of intelligent processes, in-depth analytics and innovative technology to help its clients in the most efficient manner possible. 

Our solutions help businesses grow by managing their workforce, operations, real-time data and information effectively and efficiently. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we understand that there are geographic variations in the needs of users and we are mindful of the same while building products. We also apply a variety of assessment & research techniques and ensure that our ideology and principles are user-centric.

With the launch of the US firm, we can now provide US based project management and a local point of contact to increase our level of service to our North American Customers. 

Successive Global

We are a part of Successive Technologies Private Limited, headquartered in India, which has been on the Deloitte list of India's 50 fastest growing IT companies for several years, most recently for 2019.  In addition, to the US firm, Successive also has a subsidiary in Norway.

With over 350 highly qualified IT professionals, in a solid ISO certified ISO: 27001 and ISO: 9001 company, we can assist you and your organization with with new development, system integration and upgrades, by augmenting your IT team on projects, outsourcing full projects, or outsourcing your IT development team. 

Here in the US we are the point of contact for customers in North America. We  understand, communicate and lead the projects so that our customers receive quality products at the right time and within the agreed budget framework.

Our Team

Sid Pandey


Maureen Vanacore

President & COO

Mark Bavisotto

Sales Partner

Over 200

Managers - Developers - Business Analysts
Quality Assurance - Support...

Some Quick Facts

The fundamental values at Successive stem from the principle that our success lies in our customers’ success. This belief has propelled our growth and helped us build a relationship with clients worldwide. We are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients and helping them succeed in a constantly evolving and challenging business world. 
Able to reap benefits from cloud computing models and environments like private cloud and hybrid cloud respectively, our team is extremely proficient in software platforms like OpenStack, Azure, GCP and AWS. Our workforce also has years of experience in domains such as big data, containerization and mobile application development. These cloud certified architects and consultants have helped our customers optimize investments and cut down on costs. 
  1. One-stop IT services provider for web, mobile, desktop, cross platform and consulting services. 
  2. Thorough understanding of business models and latest technology trends. 
  3. Dedicated, competent and technologically enriched team of experts. 
Driven by a passion for technology, innovation and operational excellence.
At Successive, we have a unique methodology of interlinking processes with sharp domain expertise in multiple industry verticals. Called the IMPART (Innovative Mock up based Prototypes Analyzed to develop Re-engineered Technology) framework, it leads to superior business outcomes and creation of optimal solutions. This methodology helps us deliver valuable business insights to our clients through targeted analytics, reengineering expertise, and advanced risk management.